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About ESP


The Endangered Species Theatre Project’s mission is to bring enjoyment and understanding through live theatre that proactively focuses on diverse representation. We do this by: a) giving voice to forgotten plays and playwrights; b) producing and sponsoring local artists who  stage/promote/celebrate  productions that increase representation of women over age 40 and other historically excluded artists on the stage; and c) making vital connections between people of all generations.

​Our goal is to engage our artists and our community in the universal human experience.

We promise to:

Hire at least 50% women identified artists/artisans,

Educate ourselves on anti-racism and be actively involved in color-aware and anti-racist casting, opening roles of all genders to the trans community, and to actively work to be as inclusive as possible.


At ESP, we believe that art can provide a way for engaged citizens to better understand and more competently navigate difficult times such as these. We will continue to tell the stories that need to be told as a part of an ongoing struggle to make this society all that it can and should be.

"Peace produced by suppression is neither natural nor desirable." -- Anna Julia Cooper 1919

Our Team

Christine Mosere - Artistic Director

Aaron Angello - Creative Director